Welcome to Axart Media that makes software to boost your business.
Bringing value to your business is the core philosophy of everything we make.
Applications we build help your business to increase income and scalability.
Those aspects gain a competitive advantage for your company.
We pay attention to fluent communication!
One of the biggest issues that we see around is right communication. Lack of it makes projects longer, more expensive and depressing. Do you know that!?
No longer! We bring communication to the new level even if you aren’t an IT person!
What we do? Check.

Web applications

In fast-changing business world,
you need tools to reach buyers
and manage your team easier.


Show your customers what can you do
for them. Responsive, well-designed website
increases your income.

Email & Mobile marketing

From communications to tactical
campaigns & regular newsletters,
email & mobile marketing is the best.

Reservation systems

Your clients need an ability
to make an appointment when they
would like. Allow them to do this.

Social media

Including social media in your overall
marketing strategy allows you to spread
your message further and faster.


We offer all of our website design
development clients the opportunity to
be hosted on our servers.
Business is all about people
Great businesses are done by great people.
Send us a message and let us know what challenges can we solve for you?

Why should I choose Axart Media?

We are a reliable company that takes care of the product through its overall lifetime. Our specialists will help you find best solutions for your needs and take responsibility for technical challenges we meet.

What experience do you have?

We have started with the development in 2008. Quickly we started with commercial projects which gave us huge experience and add the ability to increase team. From this time we built multiple solutions for partners from the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, France, Germany and Poland!

What benefit could you bring to my business?

We can give you a lot of assets that sum up as a competitive advantage. We give you tools which makes your customers and team satisfied!

What technologies do you use mostly?

PHP, Python, Django, Flask, CakePHP, Laravel, WordPress, WooCommerce,  Symfony, Presta, Magento, Angular, Vue.js and many more

What makes you special in business relations?

Clarity. We meet your needs, analyse and decide if we can help you or not. Then we quote – you decide if you are ok with prices. Next, we work on the product, you can see, test, change and you get what you really need. Only positive surprises!

Where are you located?

We are a company located in Poland, Nowy Sącz. Our company is registered in Cracow. We work mostly remotely with people from all over the World.
Years of Experience.
Projects Completed.
Happy Customers.
Your satisfaction makes us happy!