Web Applications Development

We develop scallable web applications from MVPs to milion+ users. Talented and hard working Axart Media team is ready to build your next SASS or company internal system. Get your business to a new level!



Analyse what you really need, talk, think and collect ideas – that’s the beginning of a successful project.



Detailed estimation will help you decide what we do now and what we will do later. No hidden costs!



Your application is developed by talented specialists. We take care of details and put a priority on security, user experience and scalability.


Maintenance & Support

When the application is done we stay with you to help with maintenance, improvements and new features. Take care of your customers and we will carry of the technical layer of your business!

Web applications development

We solve problems!

Web applications are different in many cases, but there is one factor that connects all of them - they have to solve problems. The result of problem-solving could be different, one handle huge businesses other help managing companies.

In Axart Media we put strength on finding and solving real problems with a software that works!

If you need an application that will fix your customer's or partner's problems, contact us now!

Your satisfaction makes us happy!

Take care of your clients, we will care of your application!


Here in Axart Media we know that running an app is just a beginning of new kind of challenges like backups, new features and scaling!


We will configure extra tools that will monitor your application and make sure that your customers can use it easily and without obstacles 24/7.

Your application is build with solid technologies!

Using well-matched and solid technologies is important to keep your product modern, manageable and extendable. We build software with modern solutions that increase performance and scalability.

Contact us and turn idea into reality!

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. Contacting us is the first step! There is no time to wait! Contact us now!